Definition: Tinkerer; a person who loves all things that tick, click and clonk. 


Nay Nay is a tinkerer. She’s gutsy, adventurous and loves to laugh. An explorer at heart, Nay Nay sees the world as a Tinkerer’s playground. A land full of living and mechanical wonders to learn and play with. Nay Nay is the newest sensation at ABC Kids and her music videos are on ABC TV. 


Nay Nay is one stylish tinkerer. Her look is both functional and fantastical. Echoing the English industrial revolution, science and fantasy, Nay Nay is steampunk for kids. With her signature goggles on her head and big chunky boots, she is always dressed in an immaculate array of autumnal colours and accessorised with her Tinkertime tools.


Nay Nay believes both girls, and boys, have the ability to create the world of their imagination. She encourages Tinkerers to try new things because she knows making a mistake is okay, you just learn from it and try again! And watch out for those moments of triumph, Nay Nay will sing the house down!